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The Duo Ring Sterling Silver Size 6

The Duo Ring Sterling Silver Size 6

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Such a simple but clever ring!

When I asked our smiths if I could have a band with a mix of silver and brass I thought there would be some kind of seam or join line.  But here we have the perfectly joined, single band with a seamless join of brass and sterling silver.  How clever is that!

At front are opposing hammered squares of brass and silver too.

Band  4.5mm

Max width with including square features: 7mm

Materials & Care

This ring is made of a combination of .925 sterling silver and yellow brass, therefore there will be NO fading or wearing of colour even if worn everyday.

If you leave/don't wear your ring for a while it may become a little dull or darker due to normal oxidisation.

In this case there's 3 options:

1. polish with the cleaning cloth supplied with your order/packaging.

2. a simple soft brush/rub with normal toothpaste will instantly brighten.

3. simply ear it! your ring will regain its sparkle in 1-2 days of normal wearing and washing.

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